Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool # 9

1. It is important to have activities that tie to objectives we are learning in the classroom, otherwise the activities has no meaning behind it. It is another tool to assess students learning.
2. To hold students accountable for their work it is very important. If we didn't hold them accountable, they will be playing and not getting what they should out of the activity. It is also an opportunity for the students to take control and ownership of their learning.
3. I like the Study Ladder site. I could set up accounts for my class to complete activities based on what we are study. It also has built in accountability. Also, I like BrainPop Featured Movie, students learn about different topics, then students will test with an interactive quiz. I will explore more websites, I saw lots that look very meaningful and engaged for students.
4. There are many great apps for the Itouch devices. I could use the Flash Cardz!-Alfabeto, a Spanish version of the abc's flashcards. It will be very helpful for the beginning reading. I will use it at the ABC's center. I will check the accountability when students apply the letter/sound correspondence when reading. The Math Bingo app also looks fantastic. Students will practice addition and subtraction with different levels, and gets feedback showing when a response it's incorrect. So, they will try again to get the correct answer.
5. Having students take picture of their finished products, or record an explanation about their activity would be a great way to incorporate the I pads.

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